Literature Review

Literature ReviewIn the historical development of a research project, the literature review preceded in most cases to the formulation of the research problem. Sometimes the party to advance the study can select a topic and relate the literature relevant to the study generates important ideas for a correct formulation of the problem. Sometimes the literature review is the first step to selecting a theme, and this review can provide useful insights for the development of the research topic.

There are four main functions of the literature review writing or what is revealed through literature review:

First – it may reveal previously done regarding this problem, showing the person concerned the need for repeat some aspects of the investigation, in which existing knowledge is insufficient because it obtained previous research is tentative, is wrong or incomplete.

Second – the literature review writing services provide the proper planning of the study to show the difficulties encountered in previous research related to the problem and can be overcome.

Third – the design review of research can, in turn, show appropriate instruments used as part of the methodology, which serve as guides to improve the efficiency of data recollecting and increase the effectiveness of statistical analysis thereof.

Fourth – the literature review writing service can serve as a connection between the findings of previous studies and predictions and hypotheses proposed in the proposed work. Only by relating the results of previous work, is expected to reach an understanding of scientific knowledge regarding a professional discipline, valid and relevant regarding previously established theories.

Finally, the literature review is the stage in which the researcher obtains three key elements of the framework: the background, the theoretical and the definition of the concepts.

Through literature review, the researcher determines what aspects of their research have been treated and what not. This item allows you to define the problem and analyze different research designs. The theoretical concepts are related, their definitions and theories relevant to the problem.

The literature review writing is traditionally made from a personal approach can lead to the inclusion of poor or improper work. Similarly, without applying formal guidance, you can reach erroneous conclusions. For example, studies result according to the number of positive and negative results, without analyzing factors such as size and effect of the sample, type of design or instruments used for data collection. You need to have a structure to facilitate and guide the review of the existing literature.