How To Teach Kids To Write Interesting Stories

Perhaps there is nothing better than to bring up a writer’s gift in children, who are endowed with a rich imagination and a penchant for creativity. Kids can sound dolls, toy soldiers, and soft toys for hours. They come up with different adventures, not really going into the rationality of one action or another to tell stories.

How to Start Creative Process?

It’s best just to sit down next to a kid at the moment of the game and just listen to his words. Sometimes you can hear a certain interesting idea on which you can start a story. The main thing is to act unobtrusively and not be a strict mentor or a parent supervisor, but a friend and co-author.

You can ask a kid leading questions, specify certain details, and then offer to write a story with those heroes who just participated in the game. Remember that this process of creativity helps not only to understand many important questions by a kid, but also gives you a valuable experience.

story telling

Creating Story Step By Step

So, you became friends with a kid and joined his game. This is actually half of the way, as trust question is one of the most difficult issues. Now you need to create common writing stories. Prepare yourself and implement the following stages.

1. Determine heroes of the story. If they are at hand, in the form of cars, teddy bears, and small dragonflies, then this greatly facilitates the matter. You can play a real small performance. If there are no toys, then it is necessary to use imagination. The first method is good for the youngest writers, and the second is suitable for older children who are already able to think abstractly. A hero can be not only a person or an animal. Bring life the world around you; add characters to the story such as furniture and wall paintings.
2. Work on images. After the heroes were named, you need to depict each of them in detail, with certain features of character, memorable appearance and other details. At this stage, you with the kid should catch the similarity of the characters and their differences from each other. Think about who will personify the good, and who will stand on the side of evil.

3. We come up with a plot for the story. It’s up to you how to start. Every fairy tale has three components: the beginning, the middle part, and the ending. If it is easier for the child to first answer the question, how did the story end, then so be it. Start from the last line and then go to the very beginning. Sometimes kids know how the events will develop, but it’s hard for them to imagine how it all started.

4. Now you can make a story plan, and then start writing it. In case the kid is still too small, the plan can be ignored, and you have to write the story yourself.

5. Complete the work on the story. When the finished story has appeared on the sheet, be sure to read it together with the child again. Identify the main shortcomings, add a couple of interesting and important details. Later, when the final version is ready, you can arrange it in a form of a small book. Here is a video showing how to make a small book:

These steps will help kids to learn how to independently compose stories, characters, and plot. Children who like this occupation will surely write a lot of their own stories.

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The most important step among these tips for writing essays – improve writing speed is organizing your ideas and research materials by creating an outline. This tip doesn’t only improve your writing speed. It also helps you create a clear and concise essay.

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If you encounter some additional ideas as you were writing, jot down these ideas on a separate piece of paper and continue following the outline. You can always add these new inputs later after you have finished your first draft. Besides, you may still need to brainstorm on these additional ideas before using it on your essay.

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